Updates to my activities

First off, I’d like to apologize to my readers (if any are still around). It has been more than an year without any content from my side which of course is unacceptable. A blog should have content and the content writer should take the time out to create said content. In my own defense, I’d like to state that things have been a bit hectic from the last blog. A lot has happened since then and I’d like to update the internet about my activities since the last one year.

September 2017: I had just returned from a trip to Larkana, Sindh. If anyone recalls, my job was to conduct audits of branch operations which meant a roving, gypsy life with one day here and another day there. The boss called me up to the Head Office and told me he wanted me as Unit Head for Compliance Risk Management, so would I quit my roving and gypsy life for a settled life at the office, as well as forego all the travelling allowances I got? I thought it out briefly and decided to go for a settled life. After all, Ali (now nearly 3 years old) was growing up like a weed and I was missing out a lot. Even though I had no idea what the position expected of me. Turns out, I was expected to review the organizational policies, procedures, operations and marketing material to make sure that any and all regulatory requirements were being adhered to in letter and spirit. I tried to make sure and was fairly competent in ensuring the adhering to in letter bit, but the spirit eluded me. In addition, i was also expected to deal with anything out of the ordinary and manage my boss. I did fairly well, all things considered. The only caveat to all this was time. I was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. So yes, there was precious little time to blog.

May 2018: The arrival of Zayn, the offspring of me and le wife. One day before Ramadan, too. I quit smoking at his arrival and am still tobacco free. Six months later, the boy is growing and growing and getting cuter by the second.

June 2018: Hussain Lawai who was the man directing all the shots at my organization, gets arrested by the Feds on charges of aiding, abetting and being instrumental in money laundering and the opening of anonymous / fictitious accounts. All hell breaks loose at the office and the boss hides behind me while I am left to deal with the Feds who want information on accounts, account statements and what not. Not satisfied with that, they start ordering me around as if I’m working for them. I tolerated that for a week and then told them they could do their own work. Intimidation doesn’t impress me.

August 2018: I get an offer from Habib Bank Ltd., the largest private bank in Pakistan. I jump at said offer and a month later, I’m now working for Habib Bank Ltd. I’ve been appointed as a team leader and manage around 7 people. Of course, when I say manage I mean it in the loosest sense of the word. They work independently and I merely orchestrate. Now I have some spare time, so out pops a blog with my activities since my last blog as a subject.

November 2018: My new boss is in despair because a colleague on whom he relies heavily has quit. I am playing least seen and out of sight lest his work ends up at my desk. Not that my boss relies on me, he’s usually surprised and thankful that I manage my work on time at all. This lack of faith in my abilities leaves my withers unstrung. As long as he has no clue to my abilities, he cannot utilize said abilities and I have some time for myself.

So there you have it, people. My activities to the present. Your nosiness is appreciated. Stay nosy. Ciao.



I'm a banker by profession and a mechanic by passion. I also like writing, photography, reading, good food in moderate quantities, doing the dishes and being left alone. I live in Karachi with my parents, wife and two kids. My photos can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/shirazmaqbool and you can write to me at shirazmaqbool@gmail.com

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