I’ll be the first to admit that your average Pakistani isn’t exactly a fluent writer, especially where motoring and motorsports are concerned. Add to that our woeful tendency to not proof-read, the pidgin form of writing we practice and the tendency to be an insufferable know-it-all and comprehension as to why I tend to stay away from such stuff approaches with the speed of an SR-71 Blackbird. Hopefully.

For example, I read this article that classified the artistic folks modifying their cars so that they are visually striking and at times even an eyesore (depending on how you like such things) as ‘ricers’. A ‘ricer’, ask ye?

A ricer is a wannabe racer who thinks that he has managed to make a race car out of his Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. Or some other equally ridiculously slow saloon, mostly by adding a few stickers, some bright colored interior, perhaps a body kit, a rear wing, a thumping loud stereo and some alloys. Oh, one more thing is usually present: a loud sound from a practically non-existent exhaust system. They’re a global phenomenon; surely you’ve seen these kids?

Ah, I knew you have. You can’t miss them even if you tried to do so. A result of watching too much “The Fast and the Furious” movies, these eyesores are. Car of choice: A Honda Civic. It has made me add Civics to my hatred of Corollas.

But – we’re meandering away from our topic.

The writer condemns these people as imbeciles. He goes on about four things and only four things – body kits, muffler tips, rear wings and a cold air intake. How they are of no practical value and at times even detrimental to the economy figures of the “econo-box” the poor sod is probably driving. So I’ll be gently poking holes in his theories.

First off, body kits. According to the sage writer, these negatively affect the aerodynamics of the car, by producing more drag and slowing the car down instead of speeding it up. I ask you, all in the name of that is holy – what is he talking about? Any decent body kit will add some down-force and a lot of stability to your car that would otherwise be a handful at speeds north of 60 mph. That is why they are there. If you toddle around in the city, chances are you are moving at speeds that have more or less no effect on the aero-kit. So by all means, add an aero kit. It’s your car anyway. Stand out visually and if you ever manage to actually drive it fast, it will be a helluva lot more stable than the guy without the aero kit.

Then comes the turn of the rear wing. According to sage writer, rear wings are pointless on front-wheeled cars. I assume he’s never really driven a car at high speeds. Or seen a touring car championship. I rest my case.

Then comes the cold air intake. Okay, I agree – if you put it next to the exhaust manifold, there isn’t much point to it. Right. The ‘econo-box’ doesn’t have anywhere else to put it in most cases, unless you plan on removing the front bumper and placing the air intake scoop or filter right next to the front radiator. Which also gets plenty hot. Or perhaps he had the front wheel panel in mind – or the cabin of the car with the air-con turned on. I don’t know.

Finally, the exhaust tip. Sage writer says it is pointless – the exhaust needs the back-pressure to work properly and adding a large exhaust tip with a hole the size of Jupiter doesn’t add any extra hp – but it chokes up the engine. He added something about exhaust gases coming out in pulses with high pressure at the beginning of the pulse and low at the end. I’m still laughing at ‘pulses’. Apparently he doesn’t know that after the catalytic converter, there are usually two other small mufflers en-route to the exhaust tip that are used to deaden the sound. If you merely remove the original small diameter exhaust and replace it with a ginormous exhaust tip, you won’t hear much noise unless you’re revving it to the max. To get the loud noise, you have to take out all of the ‘in-between mufflers’ and the catalytic converter too, if you want to hear the ‘ooh so lovely’ sound of afterburn. Which makes the exhaust system practically resistance free so that the engine does not have to ‘push’ the exhaust gases being slowed down by the catalyst and the mufflers and as a result, breathes free. The result it terms of power after doing all this? About 7-8% increase in bhp. Notice again the extremely loud noises made by race cars. Study one closely from underneath and see for yourself.


I'm a banker by profession and a mechanic by passion. I also like writing, photography, reading, good food in moderate quantities, doing the dishes and being left alone. I live in Karachi with my parents, wife and two kids. My photos can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/shirazmaqbool and you can write to me at shirazmaqbool@gmail.com

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