Pimps, Preachers and Politicians

Succinctly put and beautifully told.

Mulos Blog

Growing up in a highly conservative and religious Zambia, you get to see the reverence we place upon our preachers and politicians. Fortunately pimps are not that common in Zambia, but they fall under the same brand of manipulators of the weak minded.


Politicians and preachers are a necessary tool for social stability, whereas pimps are not as publicly lauded for the services they render.

I’m not judging every politician or preacher, but observing some of the extremities that their kind do.


In every society there are the weak willed, who do not believe in their own abilities, but in the abilities of the well spoken, who promise them a better tomorrow by sacrificing today.
They encourage their followers to sacrifice and pay tribute, tithe, tax and royalties in exchange for security, stability, salvation and a better tomorrow.

To do this they must sell the dream to any who may…

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