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Before I came to WordPress and started blogging (Or rather, was gently prodded into blogging), I used to write simple stuff. On a place called Netlog. Which is now called Twoo, and is apparently a dating site. This simple stuff started way back in 2008, six years ago.

So I thought I’d occasionally rescue some stuff and dump it here. This is one of those simply written articles. Well, quite heavily edited, as I used to be quite careless with my grammar.

Date:25 February, 2009

Title: Today’s Page from my Diary…

Regular text is me talking to myself [actions performed are denoted in square brackets] 

8:00 AM: Oh bugger… F***ing alarm…. where is it? Ow… Bloody bedpost….ah here it is. [presses snooze] 

8:10 AM: Oh this Gawd awful noise… Why are snooze buttons timed at 10 minutes… oh shit. Wake up, asshole, or you’ll be late for work! [Into the bathroom to brush my teeth] 

8:15 AM: [turns on the shower] Ohhh SHIT! Ooooohhhhh this is friggin cold! Why didn’t I fix that water heater? 

8:30 AM: [Exits the bathroom] Do I have time for breakfast? Nope, skip breakfast. [Back to the room, opens closet, takes out clothes] Okay… this looks clean – and the colors don’t clash. This is fashion for the day. 

8:45 AM: [Exits flat] Oh shit. My keys…. where did I put ’em last night? [Rushes in again, searches quickly] hang on [rushes to the motorbike in the parking area, finds them still there in the ignition from last night] God! I love you, you’re a pal, mate! 

8:55 AM: [Riding like a madman to get to the office 10 km away by 9 AM] I’m gonna make it! [Doing 100 kmph on the 35kmph limit road on my 125cc] 

9:00 AM: [Parks bike, rushes into the office] Hi guys! – hang on – be right back guys! [forgot the keys in the ignition again] 

9:02 AM: [Back in the office] 

10:30 AM: C’mon, Ali! Lets go for a smoke.[Grabs underling, gets out – he’s been signaling for a smoke for the last 20 minutes] 

10:40 AM: [Back in the office] 

10:45 AM: [Still trying to explain to the boss that 10 minutes for a smoke doesn’t mean slacking in work – more like a necessary mental booster] 

11:00 AM: [Give up, the asshole is never wrong] 

1:00 PM: Lunch time! Let’s go! [Grabs Ali, since the bugger has been signaling that his eyes are popping out as a result of starvation – Besides, I’ve had no breakfast either] 

3:00 PM: [back from lunch] 

3:15 PM: [Trying to explain to the boss that since both me and Ali are kinda skinny we need time for lunch since we  need all the food we can get] 

3:30 PM: [Why do I even bother trying to explain anything…. f***ing wanker] Wanker…. 

3:30 PM [Pleading to the boss that it wasn’t him I was calling a wanker – Even though he’s a prick] 

3:31 PM: [Goes out of the boss’s office] Oh bugger. There goes my appraisal. Still, same day, same shit. Happens every day. [Console Ali it’s not his fault – he needs food like everyone else – Sod the boss – he’ll get over it] 

4:30 PM: [Out of the office on a small break] Ali! Three guesses, mate – What is that thing that has a pinch of tobacco, rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other? [Listens to his answer] Do we have it? Then lets go! 

4:40 PM: [Back in – Boss gives us a dirty look, but says nothing] Look at the idiot – why does he even bother trying to reform us? Hasn’t been able to do it for the last 3 years, what makes him think he’ll manage now? 

5:30 PM: [Phone rings] Yes? Oh, right’o, boss. I’m on my way. 

5:31 PM: Why does that bugger give me work when it’s time to leave? Honestly, I’ll shove it down his throat someday…. 

8:00 PM: Thank God [Shuts down PC, leaves the office – Last one out] 

8:02 PM: [Left the keys in the office]I hate keys….when will we have biometric systems on bikes? 

9:00 PM: [Enter the party at a friend’s house] Of course I’m late. Why shouldn’t I be? People of consequence always arrive late. [Get hit on the head with a bottle for impertinence by mine host] Ouch. Thank your lucky stars you’re a girl – I don’t hit women [Get punched in the stomach – hardly fair, I’d say – he’s no featherweight, mine host] Fine, fine. What there to eat? No I don’t want a knuckle sandwich. Oooooh food. Yummy. Hey, Lemme go ye louts! 

12:00 PM: [Home sweet home] Now for that programming project … 

2:30 AM: [Am hopelessly lost in methods, exceptions and classes] Oh screw this. I’d rather be a rat’s ass. 

2:50 AM : [Watching YouTube] Yawn. 

3:00 AM : Lemme check Netlog…. 

3:10 AM : [Snoring my arse off with the Laptop under me – no, I’m not humping it] 

8:00 AM: F***ing alarm…


An erratic, absent minded individual with a curiosity level equivalent to that of a dead cat. If I do something, it's probably on a whim and not planned, just like my blogs. Which are, like me, erratic, boring and certainly worth wasting time over since it's yours anyway.

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