A defeatist attitude?

I’m not a pessimist or an optimist, a half full or half empty glass type. All I know is, there’s water in a glass – and if I’m thirsty, I’ll probably drink it. Call me a realist. Or an opportunist. Both are fine, really.

Unfortunately, both of the former categories are in abundance while the two latter ones, representing yours truly are in a rather short supply. Or perhaps I can’t find people with the latter categories, presumably because they are too busy with whatever it is they’re doing.

My job entails a lot of travel. So I meet quite a lot of people. Young, single men and women – and a common attitude that I see in everyone is a pessimistic, defeatist attitude. Most feel that they have a crap job with lousy pay and even lousier timings, as a consequence of which they don’t have much of a personal life. I tend to agree with them about these things – yes the pay is lousy, yes the timings are atrocious. What I don’t agree with is their attitude towards living. That “I can’t see any reason to live because I have no life, my girlfriend / boyfriend has ditched me because I have no life, I can’t be bothered to find someone else, I can’t get another job with better timings and pay… ” etc etc. 

Sure, I say the same things too – not that I really mean it. More as a consolation to the person I’m talking to – a sort of “You’re not the only one, y’know” message. I’m fairly well paid – not as much as I’d like, but not exactly a pittance either. My timings are flexible – I have to be at work on time, but I can leave whenever I want – no restrictions there. I don’t have much of a personal life either, but that doesn’t bother me – I can always go on weekends on an impromptu trip, with or without my friends at the very least. I’m engaged to be married to a girl I know next to nothing about, courtesy my parents – but I think it would be fun to find out how that ends up. In other words, nothing really bothers me.

It irks me to be told by people that I’m lucky. I have my fair share of problems too, folks. Just because I don’t go about complaining doesn’t mean I don’t have problems. What really bothers me are people. Why the defeatist attitude? It’s really, really easy to complain but it requires a lot of courage to admit that the common factor in all the things one is bothered with is really the person you see every day in the mirror. Once you admit that, the rest is easy.

So take the first step, think about what you’ve done, see what can be done to improve & mend matters and change the attitude. Instead of bitching and moaning, move on and try finding the silver lining in your cloud of self-induced pessimism. If you can’t find it, become the wind and blow that cloud away. I know its easier said than done, but it can be done. 

Oh, one more important thing. Hope. Never lose it. Things will get better. That I can promise.


An erratic, absent minded individual with a curiosity level equivalent to that of a dead cat. If I do something, it's probably on a whim and not planned, just like my blogs. Which are, like me, erratic, boring and certainly worth wasting time over since it's yours anyway.

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One comment on “A defeatist attitude?
  1. Usman says:

    A very interesting read! It’s just a pity how most people don’t seem to realise their own attitude is responsible for a lot of the misery, real or imagined. The hardest part though is becoming the wind and blowing that cloud away.

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