For those who have been cheated, lied to, dumped, etc.

I’ve been noticing this trend in the generation after mine. Well, I have only them to study, since the next one is too young and more worried about homework instead of the opposite sex. Okay, if I’m being honest, my own generation as well. Might as well admit that we led the young ones to think like this.

So you loved some chick with all your heart. You swore eternal love with her, planned the future, rosy dreams, etc etc. (No, I’m not interested in what you planned.)

Some time later, she dumps you. The reasons are inconsequential – be it parental pressure, she growing bored with you, she found someone else, you turned out to be a loser in her eyes, etc etc. As I said, inconsequential since the bottom line is – you got dumped. What really hurts is every time someone asks you what happened, you get dragged over the coals again and say it didn’t work out and you had irreconcilable differences etc etc.

Now you go around telling people never to trust girls, they’re shallow, they’re not to be loved but played with and discarded etc. In short, you start behaving like a loser. No, losers are nice. You actually behave like an asshole and a dickhead.

Dude, your mom is a woman. So’s your sister. Your aunts. Nieces. You get it, don’t you? Are they all like the one who dumped you? No?

No, they’re not. Of course not. They are really nice women and girls who wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. By the same token, my friend, not all girls are the same. Sure, yours may have dumped you for what seems to you like an inconsequential reason, but its not like everyone is the same. It takes all kinds to make the world, you just didn’t hit it off with your kind. Don’t go around telling people how big a loser you really are, dude.

Take it from me. You meet, you enjoy, you break up – now go repeat the whole cycle again. With someone new. Sure, there’s always the risk that they’ll dump you too but hey – its better loving and losing than not loving anyone at all. At least you gave it a shot and hoped for the best, instead of going about looking like a total loser. Trust me, that is what everyone thinks but doesn’t say it because we humans are rather hypocritical.

Remember, just because you chose the wrong person, doesn’t mean everyone is the same as that person. She obviously saw someone better and I don’t blame her – because she probably saw you when you were down and noticed how you behaved.

Its like I say, you want to really see a person’s nature, look at them when they are losing. Everyone is happy and generous when winning, its when you lose that your true nature is revealed.


An erratic, absent minded individual with a curiosity level equivalent to that of a dead cat. If I do something, it's probably on a whim and not planned, just like my blogs. Which are, like me, erratic, boring and certainly worth wasting time over since it's yours anyway.

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