God help the youth of today.

I read a blog today on how six (give or take a couple) gunmen got into a university where a convocation was taking place. The gunmen were drunk and in order to appease them, the students (100+) gave them not only their belongings but had to suffer the indignity of being stripped and searched. The students went to the director and asked him to lodge a complaint with the police – the director refused and threatened to close the university campus if anyone else dared to do it.

My first reaction was – shit. That’s bad. Then I thought about it.

More than one hundred students, in an auditorium, held at gun point by 6 drunk men. A few boys tried to stop them, but were beaten by the gunmen. The rest just watched? Scared?

I fight. I fight for what I believe in and am not afraid to take 6 people on at a time. I still recall the time I took on two football teams – because one of the team blokes hit my Karate Instructor. 6 of us, 20 to 1. We took a bad beating, but that didn’t stop any of us.

I commented and told them they were wussies – and was told I was a judgmental prick. Sure – I’m all that. Better being a judgmental prick than a wuss any day.


An erratic, absent minded individual with a curiosity level equivalent to that of a dead cat. If I do something, it's probably on a whim and not planned, just like my blogs. Which are, like me, erratic, boring and certainly worth wasting time over since it's yours anyway.

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