An aimless blog of a wandering mind


I’m here because my girlfriend is a blogger extraordinaire (She’s usually publishing a few each week) and I felt like seeing for myself what the urge to tell other people – not just friends, but any roving stranger too – what is:

a) making me miffed about something

b) needed off my chest

c) my opinion on something

d) etc. etc. etc.

Which is rather contrary to my nature. Popular opinion is – I’m not the one to tell anyone what I’m thinking of or feeling or generally being expressive in any way. Which, sadly is true. I can in all honesty say that when it comes to pouring out my side of the tale, there are probably 2 to 3 people I can go to. These days, I try not to go anywhere at all unless I have to. Perhaps popular opinion needs an update now.

That isn’t because I don’t have anything to talk about. I can talk about other people, their worries and their aspirations – in fact, I can not only talk, but act as guide and counsel too. Its just that when it comes to me, I find myself wondering what it would be that I could hold the listener’s interest with. To me, my life is one boring tale.

Besides, what is this morbid curiosity about the lives others lead? Man as a social animal?

If that is the case – i.e.; man being a social animal, I’m an alien. In fact, let me amend that statement. I’m an alien who has adopted the native disguise (quite successfully, one might add) and am currently engaged in trying to adopt to the social part of the statement. Not succeeding well though. My social graces are such that people refuse to be seen with me (Who, him? No, he’s not with us!) and its not helped with me having not the least desire to appear as socially acceptable to people.

Lets say, we’re not all born to be astronauts. Its definitely not ‘To infinity! and beyond!!’ for this person as far as the social success launches are concerned.

Besides, what constitutes success under the term ‘social’? Is it a huge list of friends? A large following on facebook and twitter and the rest of the clubs? I don’t know. I never have really understood the appeal of having a huge list of friends. Heck, we might count ourselves as lucky if we find one true friend in life.

To be continued…



An erratic, absent minded individual with a curiosity level equivalent to that of a dead cat. If I do something, it's probably on a whim and not planned, just like my blogs. Which are, like me, erratic, boring and certainly worth wasting time over since it's yours anyway.

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One comment on “An aimless blog of a wandering mind
  1. Anna Solun says:

    Finally! 🙂

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